Perfect and Memorable Stay

We love travelling just like you. We love staying in hotels and hostels around the world. We learned that after all, it’s the best customer experience make a stay magical. Therefore, we are inspired to build a design-led hostel that doesn’t only feel interesting to stay in but also accommodate your need, some of which you might not even realized.

More than temple and tuktuks

The main reason why people love to visit Bangkok so much is because of the uniqueness of the city which is the perfect blend between old, historic and modern, energetic part of the city.  But from talking to travelers, much more is emphasized on the “historic” parts. Many visitors even completely missed the “modern” part of the city completely. 

We want travelers to know that Bangkok is not just about temples, tuk tuks, and the old cities. We want our guests get to experience all of the Bests of Bangkok which includes cuisines, nightlife, markets and many more, not just the Best temples. And that’s why we chose upper Sukhumvit area for our hostel location.

Get Inspired by Colors

We are fascinated by the uniqueness of the colors of Bangkok. We want colors on our walls and furniture to inspire you and boost your creativity as much as it did to us. The combinations of colors, such as a classic “tuk tuk” colors in our lobby, remind you of what you’ve seen so far and what’s left to explore.

Time to get inspired..